Photos for this example site from Unsplash.

Thanks to: Ethan Haddox, Melody Jacob, Naeim Jafari Laob, Alexi Romano, Ahmed Carter, Dom Hill Nim, Flaunter, Valeriia Kogan, Aditya Ali, Joanna Nix Walkup, Apostolos Vamvouras, Isi Parente, Sonia Segura, Mihai Stefan, Oladimeji Odunsi, Svetlana Pochatun, Fernand de Canne, Jean Beller, Kaylee, Eden, Charisse, Kenion, Greg Kantra, Sharon Mccutcheon

By the way, did you know you can link custom pages without adding a link in your site's navigation? Here's an example of a page that is only linked from here!


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